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Building businesses through purpose, together.

In our community we believe that together we can build businesses which thrive, creating profit through purpose.

We are Hudl.


The Hudl Community

We are building a community of Founders, experienced business people and advisors, where...

  • advisors share content, education and know-how

  • established entrepreneurs share wisdom, experience and lessons learnt

  • Founders share ideas, support and success



We’re looking to attract the world’s greatest community of business Founders - people who believe they can use their business to change the world, for the better.

Initially we’re seeking a group of 50 Founders who will become part of the Hudl pilot programme running from October to December. These Founders will have access to trusted advisors, content and will become part of a unique community.

The trial will be provided at no cost to the Founder, they simply need to engage with the community, be generous with their feedback and help us to understand the challenges that they are facing so that our product meets as many needs as possible.

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Profit through purpose

  • Successful businesses create profit for the benefit of all of their stakeholders and, through the expertise within our community, we can help Founders grow their businesses.

  • We believe that the mindset, talent and ideology of a Founder can be motivated to solve many of the world’s problems.

  • Part of our mission at Hudl is to inspire more Founders to build businesses with a purpose beyond profit. Businesses which create positive impact as they grow.


Why join the Hudl?

Founders will have direct access to industry leading advisors and mentors who have started, grown and exited businesses. We offer educational resources and most importantly, a community of Founders who are in the same boat.

Powered by a digital platform and app, unified by a need to succeed, the Hudl community offers both one-to-one and peer-to-peer networking, bouncing challenges around community discussion groups, a raft of super useful knowledge delivered via jargon free content, and an awesome community events programme.

We connect members with many fundamental business services, provide a crisis sounding board when you need it the most and a solid high five when you celebrate successes.

So stop struggling to build your business alone. Join the Hudl community, and don’t just survive, but thrive. Creating profit through purpose.

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Why Join?

Join Hudl today

Become a Hudler and join our community in our 12 week free pilot and get:

  • Membership of the Hudl - a community of people just like you

  • Access to free expertise and educational resources

  • Weekly group coaching sessions led by experienced entrepreneurs

  • Peace of mind - access to 400+ expert advisors

  • Hundreds of years of expertise in successful business growth

  • Access to the Hudl member platform and app

  • A place where you can share ideas and challenges with other Founders

Join today
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